4th Happiness@Work CEO Meetup

How to build "human companies" ready for the future.

Last year, when we organized the 1st event, we did not plan for 2nd meetup, not to mention 3rd...

But as the group of CEOs, who joined us, enjoyed the company of others, open discussions and insights, we are really happy to invite you to join us at the 4th Happiness@Work CEO Meetup, following the 5th Happiness@Work conference day.

This event is organized exclusivelly for CEOs, Managing Directors, Company owners (or similar position respectivelly) with the goal to discuss and share experiences and questions related to Happiness@Work principles, company culture, people empowerment and similar. To take a look at these topics from the top position in the company, which we know is very different from all others.


There will be 2 major parts of the event:


  • Sasa Popovic, serial enterpreneur, CEO & Co-founder at Vega IT Sourcing from Croatia - will talk about his approach and experience with building human companies

  • We will have 1-2 more speakers / CEOs sharing their experience with topics related to Happiness@Work 


  • Rest of the time will be dedicated to facilitated discussions around several topics brought to the event by both organizers and individual attendees.

You can take a peek at the atmosphere below or take a look at the program&attendees from the 1st CEO Meetup


Date & Time

  • Friday, October 11th 2019, 8:30 - 13:00


  • Max. 30 attendees


  • 9 500,- CZK w/o VAT

Whom will you meet?

Sasa Popovic

CEO, VEGA IT Sourcing Croatia 

Dita Přikrylová

CEO, Czechitas

Jiří Kratochvíl

Managing Director, JetBrains

Alexandra Lemerová

CEO, Personal Connect

Tomáš Páral

Co-Founder & CEO, MoroSystems

David Vrba

partner Cocuma & DigiSkills, ex-CEO 3M ČR

Blake Wittman

Group European Business Director, GoodCall

Michael Dostálek

General Manager, Busch výroba

Workshop partners