5th international conference about happiness at work

Happiness@Work 2019

October 10, 2019, Prague Congress Centre 
(+ hands-on workshops take place on October 11, 2019)

More and more studies have shown that happiness at work is good for both employees and business.
Happier workplaces are more effective and less stressful, people change their jobs less frequently and have fewer absences which is a great benefit.

Inspiration and practical examples

The fifth international Happiness@Work Conference is the event with one prime objective: to change the world of work. Local and international scientists and leaders will present relevant studies as well as very specific examples from their own successful companies. We will present the reasons why to build human companies and you will take away the tools and ideas you can incorporate to your business and work immediately.

Meeting and connecting

In 5 years of existence, the Conference has become legendary thanks to it's unique atmosphere. Join us and network with more than 500 attendees - Leaders, Managers and HR Professionals. On the day of the event, the Happiness EXPO will be available to introduce the most recent and specific products and services that can help you with building succesfull human companies.

Take care of your employees and they'll take care of your business.
Sir Richard Branson

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Conference topic

How to build "human companies" ready for the future.

We hear more and more about digitalization, robotization and acceleration of the world around us. One could think we will not need people for the jobs of the future. But the exact opposite is true. The importance of people will grow. Especially for what makes them human - creativity, emotions, relationships. At this year's conference we explain why should we focus on human side of work and what tools and processes can we use for that.

What to expect?

We are working hard on the program. News about speakers will appear here. In the meantime, we already know that 3 activities that you loved most last year will be ready again:

  1. Happiness EXPO – services, products and tools which help implement the principles that we are trying to promote.

  2. Hands-on workshops - one day after the conference, you will be able to discuss and practise everything that you heard about.

  3. CEO Meetup - meeting for directors and company owners. Last year, the attendees met twice after the conference so there's always something to follow up on.

Our speakers

Marian Jelínek

Legendary hockey coach, manager and author of many books.

Arlette Bentzen

Chief Happiness Officer and international speaker from Denmark.

Jochen Menges

Profesor of University in Curychu and Cambridge focusing on leadership.

Arthur Woods

TEDx speaker, social entrepreneur from Forbes 30 under 30 and advisor in companies like Disney or MetLife.

Martin Hausenblas

Sucessfull entrepreneur, founder of Liftago and ADLER Czech. But also philantropist and patriot of Ústí nad Labem.

Dita Přikrylová

Founder of educational nonprofit organisation Czechitas which focuses on increasing of diversity in IT.

Diana Rádl Rogerová

Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic & Deloitte Central Europe Executive committee member.

Jiří Klein

Director of Opava city police department. Awarded in 2017 "kindness awards" Laskavec. 

Monika Hilm

Regional director of Vienna House Czech Republic and Slovakia, co-founder of Happiness@Work conference

Michal Šrajer

First CHO in the Czech Republic, co-founder of Happiness@Work conference.

Babeta Schneiderova

CEO ve společnosti BoHo (Bohemian Hotels & Hostels)

David Vrba

Company culture strategist, partner at COCUMA, executive coach and lector. Former CEO of 3M Czech Republic.

We will be announcing more speakers in upcoming days...

Conference Program

Thursday, October 10th, 2019 - Prague Congress Center



Registration, breakfast and Happiness EXPO ☕️


Welcome & introduction 🇨🇿
Michal Šrajer


Exponential World and People at Work in the Future 🇨🇿
David Vrba


Acceleration Trap 🇬🇧
Jochen Menges


Motivation in the Times of Abudance 🇨🇿
Marian Jelínek


Coffee break & Happiness Expo ☕️


How Purpose Makes Us Happy At Work 🇬🇧
Arthur Woods


Women Leaders Panel 🇬🇧
Monika Hilm, Diana Rádl Rogerová, Dita Přikrylová
(we will soon add more guests of the panel)



Lunch, networking and Happiness EXPO 🍴


Company Culture from the Owner's Point of View 🇨🇿
Martin Hausenblas


Happiness at Work in the Times of Change 🇬🇧
Arlette Bentzen


Coffee break & Happiness Expo ☕️


Helping Near and Far 🇨🇿
Babeta Schneiderová


How to change bureaucrat to "human" 🇨🇿
Jiří Klein


Summary of the day 🇨🇿
Michal Šrajer


Discussions with speakers, networking, light dinner 🍴


End of the conference day...

All Czech 🇨🇿talks will be simultaneously translated into English.
The program is being finalized. There may be some changes in the upcoming days.

Practical Workshops

Friday, October 11th, 2019 - Táborská 31, Praha 4

As well as last year, also this one we have prepared for you practical workshops to deepen your experience.

This year, however, we would like you to experience more interesting topics and so the workshop day will be divided into 3 time slots. Each with one workshop in English. So who will you meet? You can check the details under the links.

09:30 - 11:30

Embodied Leadership
Sebastien Martineau, Positive Leadership Development

12:30 - 14:30

Employee Experience Mapping
Martin Šafařík, Happiness@Work

15:00 - 17:00

Self-learning Culture, at Scale
Petr Zelenka, Hackerly

Conference happier partners

Conference happy partners

Media partners

Conference partnership

Is happiness at work something more for you? Do you want to not only take part in the event, but also support the conference and join your brand with it? Send a message to Lukáš at lukas@happinessatwork.cz or call him at +420 604 296 296 and we can talk about it in detail.


Go back in time and see the recordings from 2018 or history of Happiness@Work conference.


Current price CZK 3 500, w/o VAT, is valid until September 30th, 2019. After that, tickets will be available for price CZK 4 000, w/o VAT. 

Price of each workshop is CZK 2 000, w/o VAT, and available until sold out - unfortunatelly, the capacity of these workshops is quite limited, so register, before it is too late.